The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all changes to silver glass.

 The grey rain-curtain of this world rolls back, and all changes to silver glass.

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It was Richard Hannay from The 39 Steps. See? A few easy STEPS? No? Oh.

Everyone’s a cynic these days.

This title quote makes me laugh just writing it. Me and my older brother on holiday watched The Godfathers - all of them (twice) - and basically in the last scene, Kay is all ‘I want answers Michael!’, and she pushes him and pushes until he slams his hand on the desk with a sharp and loud


Anyway, I’ve decided these title quotes will be linked to something I say in the post. For example this time round, it is ENOUGH of lazing around in the summer sun. I’m bored of summer now. Winter is far more interesting, Autumn is my birthday season and Spring is Easter. You appreciate the sun more in the other three seasons because it’s just about as likely to turn up as the footage of Osama’s takedown.

Don’t worry, I won’t get political yet.

Yep, I lied. I’m getting political. Not too political, mind.

Drink it in. That guy. Corporate fatcat? Filthy rich ex-pat?

Nope! He is fat and he is filthy rich, but he’s actually in the Government, in charge of Communities and Local Government. Yeah, that guy helps run the country. He vowed to clear up city fatcats. That’s funny because… well look at the bastard! He’s one step away from being Muk from Pokemon, that step being him becoming purple.

I laughed very hard a few years back when I heard he was to be in charge of Transport. This guy in charge of movement? Surely just looking at Transport must tire him out. 

Lord Alan Sugar (The Boss. Everyone’s boss.) said this about Ben & Jerry’s up there: “He’s just another pointless politician doing yet another menial administrative job that could be done by anyone who has been educated in any vague sort of half coherent English.” That’s right people - even Dappy could do the Burger King’s job.



How far is Winnipeg from Montreal?

In just a few easy Steps you can work it out. 


There can be no beauty without decay

The title comes from Withnail & I, one of Monty’s great lines. From now on whenever I post a tidbit (this word has a calming effect on all) I shall title it with a quote from any character from any film. If I’m feeling gracious I’ll let you know which character and which film.

Kidding. You must GUESS. Let’s try it now!



Why I got Tumblr!

I’ll be making a certain person very happy by getting Tumblr, but something tells me she won’t hold up her end of the deal. Hell, if she did I’d BUY Tumblr. But it’s always nice to know I have an outlet for whatever I want to say. Like for example, I have school tomorrow. I don’t mind school anymore, mainly because I’ve successfully culled all the subjects I feel are ever so slightly COLOSSALLY POINTLESS

I’ll just wait for this girl’s reaction and then will probably post again. Maybe link something. Or steal a fact from Simon’s Useless Facts. Decisions!


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